You can filter your patients in every way you want.

A filter is composed by:

  • A variable: eg. "Age"
  • An operator: eg. "Is inferior to"
  • A value: eg. "45 years"

This will allow you to filter patients younger than 45 years.

To create a custom filter, follow these steps:

  1. In the left menu, choose "Filter and organize" and then "Filters"
  2. Head to the panel "+ New filter on"
  3. Choose a filtering variable and click on "Ok"
  4. Choose an operator in the list
  5. Choose value(s) to limit your filter
  6. Click on "Add this filter"
  7. Return to the descriptive statistics

The filter will now appear in the "Active filters" panel at the top of the page with a tag like:

If you put the mouse cursor over the filter tag, you can see the details of your filters: