You can import an Excel file with all your patients' data directly into EasyMedStat.

To import an Excel file to EasyMedStat: 

  1. Click on "Import an Excel/CSV/... file" on the series interface
  2. Choose the file you want to import. It can be a .csv or a .xlsx Excel file. 
  3. Identity variables: personal data are usually used in biomedical research. EasyMedStat import process will try to identify them to help you to manage them and to anonymize them. Select the variables' names you used in your file for the variables listed, if they exist. Take care of properly select these variables to ensure the safety of the anonymization of your data. Learn more about on pseudonymization here. When done, click on "Ok, next step".
  4. Type of variables: EasyMedStat will try to automatically recognize the type of your variables. Sometimes, the EMS tool will be unsure of its choice, it will there present you the variables for which it needs a confirmation. Choose "Yes-no" if your variable has only two modalities, "List" if your variable has more than two modalities, "Numeric" if your variables can take several numeric values, "Event" if your variable is a date. You can also choose to not import this column. When done, click on "Ok, next step". 
  5. Give a name to your serie and click on "Launch import". 
  6. Please wait: the bigger your serie is, the longer the process could take. At the end of the import, you will be directly directed to your newly created serie interface.

You rather create a new serie to add patients as they are included in your study ? Learn more about Create a new serie