Sometimes, you use several filters together to define a subpopulation of your study.

For example, you may want to study recurrently women older than 60 years. This requires to create 2 filters: one for the gender and one for the age.

To group several filters together:

  1. Create the filters you want to group together
  2. In the "Active filters" panel at the top of the application, click on the button "Group filters"
  3. A message will appear: "Your filter group was created"
  4. If you want to rename this newly created group, click on "give a name to your group"

Your filter group is now accessible at any moment in the "Active filter" panel and can be reactivated in the same way as you reactivate a filter.

If you are the creator of the series, you can also make this filter group available to all other users.