To create a new variable, follow these steps:

  1. Access your series
  2. In the left menu, choose "Variables" and then "New variable"
  3. Fill the form and submit

The following fields will be asked when you create a new variable:

  • Name: choose a clear and explanatory name including the expected unit whenever needed
    Eg. "Body Mass Index (kg/m2)" or "Pain score (/10)"

  • Type: there are 4 types of variables available.

The following fields are also asked but optional:

  • Category: you can organize your variables in categories if you have many.

  • Rank: order your variables as you wish by defining the rank in which it should appear. The first variable displayed should have rank 1.

  • Is optional: you can require your collaborators to fill a variable. Get more information about mandatory variables.

  • Is analyzed: some variables may use only to be informative and are not used for statistical analysis, for example, commentaries.

  • Is editable: you can prevent your collaborators to edit the values of a patient for some variables by unchecking "Is editable"

  • Description: when the name of a variable is not obvious or when you want your collaborators to know exactly what you are expecting, add a description

  • Description picture: you can also add a picture to explain more clearly what you expect. For example, if you ask a classification which is not widely known by your collaborators, you can add a picture explaining this classification.