What is a response variable in multivariate analysis?

The aim of a multivariate analysis is to assess the effect of environmental, psycho-social or medical factors on the occurrence, the severity, the diagnosis, the evolution or the regression of a disease.

To do this, you can perform a multivariate analysis using one variable as a variable to explain, also called the response variable and variables studied as predictive factors called explanatory variables that you think could explain the response variable.

For example, a response variable could be: the occurrence of cancer, the number of smoking pack years, the positive diagnosis of myocardial infraction, the walk distance,...

Can I use a List variable as a response variable?

Yes, if the List variable you want to use has only two modalities you can use it directly as a response variable. If the List variable as more than 2 modalities, with a mapping to transform your List variable to a binary variable you will be able to use it as a response variable.