The Welch's test

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The Welch's test is a non-parametric test used to compare two means from two independent groups. It was historically used as an alternative to the Student's t-test in case of unequal groups' variances.

How to use it on EasyMedStat ?

  1. Go to Statistics > Test variables
  2. Select a Numeric variable you would like to compare between groups
  3. Select a Yes-No variable to create groups of patients
  4. Click on "Which tests can I do ?"
  5. Click on "Compare values of ..."

See also


Delacre, M., Lakens, D., & Leys, C. (2017). Why Psychologists Should by Default Use Welch’s t-test Instead of Student’s t-test. International Review of Social Psychology, 30(1), 92–101. 

Derrick, B., Toher, D., & White, P. (2016). Why Welch’s test is Type I error robust. The Quantitative Methods for Psychology,12(1), 30-38.

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