How to export data?

To export your series data, head to the "Series" menu and click on "Data manager".

From there, click on "Export data".

You can now download your data in a CSV file.

This file can be opened with spreadsheet software like Excel or Numbers.

Can I export only some data?

Yes, you can choose to export only some patients by using filters.

Once you have filtered your series, head to the "Export data" function.

The generated CSV file will only contain the patients you have filtered.

Which formats are supported?

Currently, all exports are generated in CSV format.

I can not access the export function

If an error message is displayed when you try to export your data, please check the following potential issues:

  1. You have been disconnected after an idle period: come back to the list of your series and then go back to your series
  2. The creator of the series has not allowed you to export the data from the series