When creating groups from a Numeric variable?

Creating groups from a Numeric variable is also called Discretization. It can be useful in several situations.

Let's say you have an "Age" variable and you want to compare patients aged 65 years old or older against patients who are younger than 65. You will need to create 2 groups according to age.

If you only want to filter patients who are aged more than 65 years and do not want to study younger patients, you may want to use filters instead.

How to create groups?

  1. Go to "Test variables"
  2. Pick a Numeric variable
  3. Click on the settings icon next to the name of the variable
  4. Click on "Analyze as Yes-no variable" or "Analyze as a List variable"
  5. Define the cut-off(s) required to create your group
  6. Validate with the "Confirm" button